I Am back

It has been awhile since my last post of this health blog of mine. I will tell you about many things specially what i did to my diet. I got pregnant last May and i will deliver my baby this coming February. If you are pregnant your doctor will does a lot of check ups and test to make it sure you are healthy and your baby. Before i got pregnant i gained more than ten pounds maybe because i ate too much or i did something that my weight goes up. The first time they weigh me i am surprise i weighed 148.5 pounds. That was a huge weigh that i need to do something for it but i am also need to make it sure i am doing right since i can hurt my baby if i did something bad. They check my blood pressure and i am perfectly great i guess it was 110/60. I am lack of iron so they give me an iron supplement for me to take once or twice a day. Then it is important that my baby is healthy so they also give me the multivitamins. Anyway, i will tell you more about it…Have a great day to all.

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