Get a card if you want a reward

My husband and I decided to get a reward cards to our favorite store three years ago. Every time we purchase something at their store we get points. We both love it, and it works well and it help you save.  I found another reward card and in my own opinion this one is greater than first reward card we had last time.  Any one is interested to get a reward card try to check the link above.

Sometimes its not comfortable anymore to be around with people when you are getting bigger

Last night we went to  Shogun buffet, I love their Hibachi food there that is why we kept on coming back.  But last night I was not comfortable around people anymore. I went to the buffet and almost all eyes are looking on my belly.  When I came back to the table I told to my husband what is peoples reaction, I said people are looking at me like I just killed somebody.

Pregnant woman complains

I hate going at the Doctors office two times in one week, So boring and irritating, last Friday I went there again at 2:45 and I came  out more than 4pm already, I stayed there for almost two hours just to hear the babies heartbeat and movement.  The nurse put the strap on my belly and  she is not good on tracking the babies heartbeat she wants me to hold the thing to detect the babies heart for the whole time there. I was so tired upset and almost went out from the clinic.  Tomorrow I have another appointment just to hear  how the baby move, but sorry I am not coming anymore.  Hubby is  very upset tonight because I did not cancel the appointment if I am not going.

Great facial cream

Talking about skin, we need to be very careful what kind of lotion or a cream to put on our skin specially to our face. For me every time I purchase new product for my skin I had to search first or read what kind of chemical is included to the cream. If you are curious and planning to change your facial cream try to search about eb5 facial cream you might be interested with this.