Stimulating breast milk production

While my infant was in ICU at the hospital, he was not allowed to nurse and I ended up loosing a lot of milk that I was producing to feed him.  I was sick also but was pumping my milk to feed him later and keep my production good.  My production of milk has greatly decreased and I was wondering if you know of any healthy ways to get my milk to start flowing better again?

Heavy lifting

The pastor at our church has recently done a series of teachings on the books of Revelation and Daniel.  The series was held at a public building in the evenings over several weeks and they were having to set up and take down everything each night.  The sound system they used to put on the presentation was huge and heavy speakers and speaker stands that were back breaking to carry and set up.  I found some stands that I recommended to the pastor for future use.  It would save a lot of heavy lifting and space.

Are your ears pierced?

I’m no one who has my ears pierced, but I have often thought of just getting a set of nice titanium earrings that I could possibly clip on so that I do not have to have permanent holes in my ears.  I like the looks of earrings but something to me just not feel natural about getting piercings in your body.  I now the majority of women have earrings and was wondering how many of my readers don’t have their ears pierced?

RSV Virus

There are a lot of sicknesses going around this year, especially in the school systems.  Our oldest son is in public schools and came home sick one day, which he ended up getting from some kids in school.  With in 2 – 3 days, my husband and I along with our 18 month old and 2 month old got the sickness tour 2 month old ended up getting pnuemonia and spent 4 days in the hospital.

When there is an outbreak of illnesses this bad, should we be closing down our schools for a little while?  What are your thoughts?

I love to have my own home

It is a nice feeling to own your own place, and with the economy as messed up as it is, it is becoming harder for people to find a home.  One thing I though looked rather affordable are the .  It is not the same as a site built home but it is better than renting, knowing you are paying off someone else’s home for them.

Health of carpets in a home

It is really unbelievable at how much dirt and odor carpets keep in them, even with a good vacuum.  One way to help keep your home free from allergens and dirt is to have someone from carpet cleaning cary nc or another similar company to periodically clean your carpets professionally.  Wood and tile flooring is best as far as keeping dirt, odors and allergens out of your home, but if you have carpet, give them a good periodic cleaning.

DJ is home!

Am so happy that DJ is home now from the hospital,  the doctor said DJ is still sick or very weak but he doesn’t need to stay at the hospital anymore since he no longer use the oxygen.  The reason why stay there at the intensive care unit is because DJ was having a hard time breath because he got viral pneumonia.

Thyroid problem

A good friend of our has a daughter that is overweight.  Shed does not over eat and eat a lot of things that are very fattening, so our friends took her to their doctor.  The doctor ran some tests and found that she had a Thyroid imbalance that was causing her to be overweight, and with some prescriptions, it would help her thyroid, thus reducing the weight of their daughter also.

Extra Money needed

Our youngest son just recently had a 4 day stay in the local hospital.  Even though we have insurance, our out of pocket expenses will still be around $2,500. I have found some websites such as title loans Michigan that we can use the title of our car to cover these expenses if we need to.  It’s nice to know where you can get some money if you ever need it.

Denver is planning to work out

Last Sunday before the super bowl party started we went to the farm and get one of my husband’s exercise equipment.  He kept on asking to bring his work out equipment but we don’t have enough room in our house so finally I agreed to bring but one only.  I hope he will start to use that thing now.