Growing your own garden

Growing our own food is my husband’s dream. This year the person who rent our house before is already done with her time for using our garden space. So before the summer started our garden area is already ready for planting. The vegetables that you can see on the pictures above are all organic, we did not spray any chemical or put any fertilizer on it, they grow naturally without anything that can harm our body when we eat it.

Most  people around here in our place is exited every spring to prepare their garden. They believe that growing your own garden is healthier and cheaper than buying in the groceries store.

Weddings Healthy Suggestion.

I love the idea of having fruits and vegetables as a finger food during my wedding. My husband’s closest cousin made this for us in the reception room. The only thing I love this is you do not know your visitors if they vegetarian or not. Some visitors are meat lovers and some are trying to stay healthy. If you give your visitors several choices everybody is happy. The picture above is the simple idea that I love for weddings.


Yellow Manggo

Today I would like to post what kind of breakfast I eat sometime in the morning. You can see in picture above, its all fruits and a glass of milk. I love to eat mango either it’s unripe or the ripe one , the most important thing I like more is the yellow mango, I like the taste more than the other mangoes.
Fruits is very healthy for breakfast, your body needs vitamin c and other vitamins that you get from several fruits.

Sweet Potato Leaves

Sweet potato leaves or we call it in my country as a Camote Tops. This is a leafy vegetable from sweet potato. This is a vine kind of plant with a heart shape leaves, most of the leaves are green color but some are yellow or red. I do not care about the color I love them all to eat. In my country I like both the tuber and the leaves, but her in US they tuber is deferent taste its more watery, so I like the leaves more. This is my second year planting sweet potato leaves, I usually found the plants in our local store or from Asian fresh vegetables area, I cooked the leaves and plant the steam on the ground. Sweet potato leaves are one of my favorite vegetables, this is very delicious and taste great and very healthy for you.
Heres the health benefit I found from this site Sweet Potato Leaves Health Benefits

Camote Tops Health Benefits
Here is a list of diseases Camote Tops may help prevent or cure:
Heart Disease
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Diabetes (Type 2)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Various Cancers of the Bowel (mouth, stomach, and colon cancers)
Kidney Stones

I Am back

It has been awhile since my last post of this health blog of mine. I will tell you about many things specially what i did to my diet. I got pregnant last May and i will deliver my baby this coming February. If you are pregnant your doctor will does a lot of check ups and test to make it sure you are healthy and your baby. Before i got pregnant i gained more than ten pounds maybe because i ate too much or i did something that my weight goes up. The first time they weigh me i am surprise i weighed 148.5 pounds. That was a huge weigh that i need to do something for it but i am also need to make it sure i am doing right since i can hurt my baby if i did something bad. They check my blood pressure and i am perfectly great i guess it was 110/60. I am lack of iron so they give me an iron supplement for me to take once or twice a day. Then it is important that my baby is healthy so they also give me the multivitamins. Anyway, i will tell you more about it…Have a great day to all.